An Exceptional Dog Walking Service in
Andover & Surrounding Villages

Terms and Conditions
• I will, at a time and place of your choosing, assess your dog as to any character traits, likes and dislikes, diet, medical requirements and any other information that will help me give your dog the best experience possible. 

I will also require:

• Proof that your dog is fully vaccinated and is protected against fleas and worms.

• Your dog's microchip details and that you ensure that they are wearing a collar and a name tag for any walk.

• Your dog’s vets details and medical history.

• Your full and alternative contact details.

• Access to collect and return your dog: keys, if supplied, will be secured in a safe at all times.

• Prior written agreement regarding who would be responsible for any vets fees.

• Walks cancelled more than 24 hours before the walk will not be charged.

• Walks cancelled 24 hours or less prior to the walk will be charged at £ for a full hour.

• Please supply your dog with a coat/cover if required for wet or wintry days.

• I will advise you at least six months in advance of any holidays I may have booked.

• Dogs are not walked in temperatures exceeding 28ºC.

• Any very young or senior dogs are not walked in temperatures exceeding 24ºC.

• Snow: walks re-arranged or cancelled according to conditions.  

• Hobbs'Dogs will not be held responsible if any bitch that is walked whist in heat becomes pregnant.



For peace of mind, we have the following credentials:

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